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Press Releases


TRATON CEO Renschler

“In the next ten to 15 years every third of our trucks and buses can have an alternative drivetrain, most of them fully electric”


Becoming a Global Champion

Well-attended Innovation Day at Scania’s headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden


TRATON CEO Renschler: “We want to move into the digital fast lane”

TRATON GROUP plans R&D expenditures of more than €1 billion within the next five years


RIO digitizes Volkswagen Group Logistics

RIO and Volkswagen Group Logistics plan to develop a digital solution for the Volkswagen Group’s transport logistics


A new cabless concept

Introducing the latest member of our autonomous family: Scania AXL, a fully autonomous concept truck, without a cab.


Speeding up the introduction of electric trucks to Brazil

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus takes another step towards manufacturing electric trucks in Brazil.



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